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The Top 10 Creepiest & Most Dystopian Things Pushed By The World Economic Forum

When one talks about the “global elite”, one usually refers to a small group of wealthy and powerful individuals who operate beyond national borders. Through various organizations, these non-elected individuals gather in semi-secrecy to decide policies they want to see applied on a global level.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is smack dab in the middle of it all. Indeed, through its annual Davos meetings, the WEF attempts to legitimize and normalize its influence on the world’s democratic nations by having a panel of world leaders attending and speaking at the event.

A simple look at the list of attendees at these meetings reveals the organization’s incredible reach and influence. The biggest names in media, politics, business, science, technology, and finance are represented at the WEF.

According to mass media, the Davos meetings gather people to discuss issues such as “inequality, climate change, and international cooperation”. This simplistic description appears to be custom-made to cause the average citizen to yawn in boredom. But topics at the WEF go much further than “inequality”.

Throughout the years, people at the WEF have said some highly disturbing things, none of which garnered proper media attention. In fact, when one pieces together the topics championed by the WEF, an overarching theme emerges: The total control of humanity using media, science, and technology while reshaping democracies to form a global government.

If this sounds like a far-fetched conspiracy theory, keep reading. Here are the 10 most dystopian things that are being pushed by the WEF right now. This list sorted is in no particular order. Because they’re all equally crazy.

#10 Penetrating Governments

The least one can say is that Klaus Schwab, the founder and the head of the WEF is not a fan of democracy. In fact, he perceives it as an obstacle to a fully globalized world.

In the 2010 WEF report titled “Global Redesign”, Schwab postulates that a globalized world is best managed by a “self-selected coalition of multinational corporations, governments (including through the UN system), and select civil society organizations (CSOs)”. This is the exact opposite of a democracy.

He argued that governments are no longer “the overwhelmingly dominant actors on the world stage” and that “the time has come for a new stakeholder paradigm of international governance”. For this reason, the Transnational Institute (TNI)described the WEF as “a silent global coup d’état” to capture governance.

In 2017, at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, Schwab blatantly admitted what is continually dismissed as a “conspiracy theory” by mass media: The WEF is “penetrating” governments around the world.

Schwab said:

“I have to say, when I mention now names, like Mrs. (Angela) Merkel and even Vladimir Putin, and so on, they all have been Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. But what we are very proud of now is the young generation, like Prime Minister [Justin] Trudeau, the President of Argentina and so on.

We penetrate the cabinets. So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and I know that half of his cabinet, or even more than half of his cabinet, are actually Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. (…) It’s true in Argentina and it’s true in France, with the President – a Young Global Leader.”

In this outstanding talk, Schwab blatantly stated that Angela Merkel of Germany, Vladimir Putin of Russia, Justin Trudeau of Canada, and Emmanuel Macron of France were “groomed” by the WEF. He even adds that at least half of Canada’s cabinet consists of representatives sold to the WEF’s agenda. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is the absolute truth, confirmed by the head of the WEF himself.

#9 Controlling Minds Using Sound Waves

In 2018, one of the topics of discussion at the WEF was “Mind Control Using Sound Waves” (read my full article about it here). I did not alter this title for sensationalism, those are exactly the words used by the WEF.

This is the title of an actual article published on the WEF’s official website. It was deleted for obscure reasons, but it is still viewable in web archives.

In the article, the technology is touted as a possible treatment for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. However, the article also states that “it can cure you, it can get you addicted, and it can kill you”. It can also be used to completely control a person’s mind, remotely. The article states:

“I can see the day coming where a scientist will be able to control what a person sees in their mind’s eye, by sending the right waves to the right place in their brain. My guess is that most objections will be similar to those we hear today about subliminal messages in advertisements, only much more vehement.

This technology is not without its risks of misuse. It could be a revolutionary healthcare technology for the sick, or a perfect controlling tool with which the ruthless control the weak. This time though, the control would be literal.”

The conclusion of the article: Nobody can stop scientists from developing this technology. To prevent misuse, it should be regulated by organizations such as … the WEF. That’s convenient because some companies developing this technology are part of the WEF. Do you see where this is going?

#8 Pills That Contain Microchips

Once again, this title sounds like a far-fetched conspiracy theory cleverly worded for sensationalism. It is not. Here’s a video from the WEF’s 2018 meeting where Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, talks about pills that contain microchips.

Bourla says:

“FDA approved the first ‘electronic pill’, if I can call it like that. It is basically a biological chip that is in the tablet and, once you take the tablet, and it disolves into your stomach, it sends a signal that you took the tablet. So imagine the applications of that, the compliance. The insurance companies would know that the medicines that patients should take, they do take them. It is fascinating what happens in this field.”

Is this field truly fascinating? Or utterly dystopian? As Bourla himself said: Imagine the compliance. This kind of technology could easily open the door to all kinds of nefarious applications. Since then, COVID put Pfizer in a position of power never seen before for a pharmaceutical company.

Like Pfizer, the WEF is also using COVID to further its agenda.

#7 Praising Massive Lockdowns

In 2020 and 2021, cities around the world were subjected to massive and drastic lockdowns, causing job losses, suicides, drug overdoses, isolation, mental health issues, domestic abuse, bankruptcies, and homelessness. During this horrific period, children could not attend school for months and were essentially barred from interacting with other children. A slew of small and medium businesses was destroyed while large corporations strived.

Despite all of this, the WEF could not hide its love of drastic, life-destroying lockdowns. In fact, it released a video surrealistically called “Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world”. Here’s this piece of complete insanity.

The video states “Lockdowns significantly reduced human activity … leading to Earth’s quietest period in decades,” while showing dystopian images of empty cities and planes stuck on the ground.

Completely ignoring the immense human suffering caused by these lockdowns, the WEF considered it was all worth it because “carbon emissions were down 7% in 2020”.

When this thing was first posted, it garnered intense backlash. So the WEF deleted the video above and posted this tweet.

As you can see, despite deleting the video, the WEF kept praising lockdowns. That’s because the WEF would love to see “covidian” life become permanent.

#6 “Take a Peek at the Future”

Judging by comments on YouTube and social media, people absolutely hate videos created by the WEF. But they keep coming. Because they don’t care what you think. They just want to plant their seed of insanity into your mind. In a video titled “How our lives could soon look” (read my full article about it here), the WEF invites viewers to “take a peek at the future”. And it is BLEAK. It is all about making COVID life permanent.

The video is filled with masked people, purell dispensers, and QR codes. This is the future they want. Then, there’s this nugget of insanity.

No. Go away.

The video proudly says:

“NASA has invented a system that can ID you from your heartbeat using a laser.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the video shows children stuck at home and being schooled through screens. The video ends by showing people wearing masks outside, like crazy people.

NONE. Go away.

#5 Pushing For a Great Reset

As stated above, the WEF perceives the pandemic as an “opportunity”. It is not only an opportunity to reshape our personal existence but to restructure the entire world structure according to its principles. The WEF calls it “the Great Reset”. To promote this Reset (that absolutely nobody wants) the WEF released a propaganda video (it really fits the definition of “propaganda”). Here it is in all of its insanity. 

When I posted an article about this video in 2021, the comments were not yet turned off. And I took a screenshot of the top ones.

This short video manages to contain an incredible amount of subversive messages. It even ridiculizes “conspiracy theories” while, astoundingly, confirming these theories.

A screenshot from the video. Are you serious?

The video also announced the “death of capitalism”.

Another surreal screenshot from the video.

While capitalism is based on a self-regulating system of offer and demand, the Great Reset looks to redefine the way businesses are evaluated through new parameters. The main one: Compliance with the elite’s social and political agendas.

Towards the end, the narrator utters this enigmatic sentence:

“And that’s all about getting the right people in the right place at the right time”.

While the video doesn’t quite explain what this sentence actually means in real-life situations, its implications are rather chilling. Instead of allowing successful individuals and businesses to grow organically, the elite’s system would interfere to “get the right people at the right place at the right time”, in accordance with its agenda. In other words, the system would be rigged and compliance with a wider agenda would be mandatory in a new economy.

The video ends with a call to viewers to get involved. However, of course, you’re not actually invited to the WEF. In fact, they’re actually looking to “recalibrate” your freedom of speech.

#4 “Recalibrating” freedom of speech

An easy way to identify world leaders who are groomed by the WEF is through their incessant railing against free speech. They absolutely hate it and they’re constantly calling for the internet to be censored and highly regulated. At the 2022 Davos meeting, Australian “eSafety commissioner” Julie Inman Grant stated that we need a “recalibration of free speech”.

Grant said:

“We are finding ourselves in a place where we have increasing polarization everywhere and everything feels binary when it doesn’t need to be. So I think we’re going to have to think about a recalibration of a whole range of human rights that are playing out online. You know, from freedom of speech to the freedom to be free from online violence.”

Here, Grant essentially calls for censorship. She even believes that freedom of speech as a human right should be “recalibrated” using “online violence” as an excuse. There is no such thing as “online violence”. They love to equate speech with violence. It is an extremely manipulative way of justifying China-style censorship.

Free speech is, in fact, binary. Either it exists or it doesn’t. And they clearly don’t want it to exist.

#3 Tracking Your Clothes

The WEF wants to control your clothes. And they’ve made a video about it. Did I mention that people absolutely hate WEF videos? Here’s another one that got people’s blood boiling.

Using the environment as an excuse (as usual), the WEF announced the coming of clothing laced with “digital passports” that can be traced at all times. Backed by Microsoft (of course), these garments will apparently flood the market by 2025.

According to the WEF, these chips will allow fashion brands to resell their clothes. I have no idea how that would work. The video makes sure NOT to mention that this technology would be a great way of tracking those who ditched their smartphones.

But ditching your smartphone might become … impossible.

#2 “Smartphones will be in your body by 2030”

At the 2022 Davos meeting, Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark claimed that, by 2030, “smartphones will be implanted directly into the body.” This would coincide with the coming of 6G technology, which is expected to be launched by the end of the decade.

For years, this site has been documenting the elite’s incessant push for transhumanism, which is the merging of humans with machines. They’re looking to accelerate this transition by making things people cannot live without (such as smartphones) available in transhumanist form.

Are you noticing their creepy eagerness to insert things inside our bodies?

#1 “You’ll Own Nothing. And You’ll Be Happy.”

This is probably the most dystopian moment in WEF history. In 2016, Ida Auken, a Member of Parliament in Denmark said:

“Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better”.

The WEF loved that quote so much that it tweeted about it.

The WEF also created a video (that everybody absolutely hated) titled “8 Predictions for the World in 2030”. Here’s a screenshot.

The WEF loves to phrase its “predictions” in a non-conditional form, as if they’re an inevitability. But look at this smiling guy. He’s clearly happy. Thank you WEF!

An article on the WEF’s website explains:

“I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes,” writes Danish MP Ida Auken. Shopping is a distant memory in the city of 2030, whose inhabitants have cracked clean energy and borrow what they need on demand. It sounds utopian, until she mentions that her every move is tracked and outside the city live swathes of discontents, the ultimate vision of a society split in two.

In this dystopian future, there are no products you can own. Only “services” that are rented and delivered using drones. This system would make all humans completely dependent on WEF-controlled corporations for every single basic need. There would be absolutely no autonomy, no freedom, and no privacy. And you’ll be happy.

Honorable Mention: Individual carbon footprint tracker

At the 2022 Davos meeting, Alibaba Group president J. Michael Evans announced the development of an “individual carbon tracker”.

Once again, the WEF uses the environment to promote the micro-management of human behavior. Evans says that the tracker can monitor “where they’re traveling, how they’re traveling, what are they’re eating and what are they consuming on the platform”.

Notice that he used the pronoun “they” and not “we” because there is no way in hell he’s going to use that thing. Me neither.

In Conclusion

Upon reviewing this list, two common themes become obvious. The first theme is “penetration”. The WEF wants to penetrate governments using “Global Leaders” (aka Manchurian candidates). It also wants to penetrate our bodies through pills, microchips, and vaccines. It also wants to penetrate our minds using soundwaves, censorship, and propaganda.

The other theme is “control”. They want to control what we think, where we go, what we say, what we eat, and what we wear.

Do you know who agrees with the WEF? China. Censorship is widespread, a social credit system controls people’s behaviors and COVID is still used as an excuse for massive lockdowns and total population control. Not to mention the literal concentration camps. Despite all of this, Chinese officials are constantly present at WEF meetings. Why? Because China is basically a laboratory for the WEF’s policies.

With all of that being said, how can we counteract the WEF’s insanity? How can we vote them out if they were never voted in? A first step would be to elect – at all levels of government – representatives that want nothing to do with the WEF. If our elected officials treated the WEF as the rogue, illegitimate organization that it is, its influence would be greatly reduced.

Second, we can boycott every company that is part of the WEF. I realize this is easier said than done because many of these companies are virtual monopolies. However, if we stop giving them our money, they’ll stop using our money to poison our lives.

Then, they’ll own nothing. And we’ll all be happy.

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Il Meeting Annuale 2022 del World Economic Forum

L’incontro annuale del World Economic Forum (WEF) a Davos è forse la conferenza più impopolare del mondoe il fondatore e presidente del WEF, Klaus Schwab, una delle figure più disprezzati del mondo.

Spesso paragonato a “Dottor Male”, il personaggio interpretato da Mike Mayers in Austin Powers serie, e abitualmente paragonato a a James Bond supercriminale su Internet, Schwab è visto come un megalomane messianico che guida una nefasta cabala di leader mondiali e capi aziendali in un futuro dominato da un’élite globalista.

Un Twitter sondaggio di TruthBoost chiede: “Il World Economic Forum rende il mondo un posto migliore?” Al momento della stesura di questo articolo, il 98,4% degli intervistati ha dichiarato di no.

Che cosa c’è in questa confusione e nei suoi leader che rende il WEF e le sue riunioni così disprezzati? Dopotutto, il WEF è “impegnato a migliorare lo stato del mondo”, o almeno così dice il suo slogan. A quanto pare, alla maggior parte delle persone non piace avere un gruppo di dittatori auto-nominati non eletti che emettono decreti dall’alto verso il basso e raccomandano politiche che limitano la loro libertà e violano i loro diritti.

L’incontro annuale di quest’anno è stato annunciato come il più importante dei suoi cinquant’anni di storia, data la guerra in Ucraina e la “nuova normalità” post-pandemica. Schwab ha suggerito altrettanto nel suo osservazioni di benvenutoaggiungendo: “Dobbiamo rafforzare la nostra resilienza contro un nuovo virus, possibilmente, o altri rischi che abbiamo nell’agenda globale” (8:30 mark, corsivo mio).

Dato che la retorica collettivista e i piani di Schwab sono stati accolti così male che ha dovuto scrivere un libro intitolato La grande narrativa per giustificare e riformulare il Great Reset come necessario e benigno, si potrebbe pensare che Schwab potrebbe scegliere le sue parole con più attenzione non suggerendo che un “nuovo virus” o “altri rischi” fanno parte di un “agenda globale” che “noi” (loro) stanno intraprendendo, come se si trattasse di eventi futuri in programma. Ma Schwab e il WEF sono naturali nel generare teorie della cospirazione e teorici della cospirazione. (Per inciso, la parola “collettivo” è usata cinquantadue volte in La grande narrativa.)

La riunione annuale è stata caratterizzata da dibattiti su una serie di questioni, tra cui realtà aumentata; valute digitali della banca centrale; transizione climatica nelle economie emergenti; l’impronta di carbonio delle criptovalute; l’economia digitale; diversità, equità e inclusione; sanzioni economiche; occupazione nella quarta rivoluzione industriale; transizione energetica in Cina; indicizzazione ambientale, sociale e di governance (ESG).; geopolitica; una tassa globale; assistenza sanitaria pandemica; consumo responsabile; restituire la natura alle città; e Russiacome indirizzo speciale dal presidente dell’Ucraina, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

La gamma di argomenti è sbalorditiva ma anche indicativa dell’etica di pianificazione centrale arrogante del WEF. Dalle valute digitali centralizzate alla pianificazione urbana, le preoccupazioni del WEF ricordano e probabilmente lo sono state influenzato dal Club di Roma e ne sono pieni neomalthusianesimo. Sembra che non ci sia nulla in cui il WEF non pretenda di essere esperto e nulla su cui non emetta raccomandazioni. Eppure i media mainstream considerano ancora il Great Reset del WEF una teoria del complotto, nonostante quella di Joe Biden osservazione recente che i prezzi elevati del gas sono qualcosa da celebrare come parte di “un’incredibile transizione” verso le energie rinnovabili. In altre parole, i prezzi elevati del gas hanno sempre fatto parte della pianificazione del Green New Deal e il politburo di Biden è stato certamente parte della loro ascesa.

Un punto culminante della riunione del 2022 includeva il commissario australiano per la eSafety Julie Inman Grant detto durante un panel intitolato Ushering in a Safer Digital Future che “la libertà di parola non è la stessa cosa di una libertà per tutti” e che “avremo bisogno di una ricalibrazione di tutta una serie di diritti umani che si stanno manifestando online – dalla libertà di parola, all’essere liberi dalla violenza online”.

Questi commenti inquietanti arrivano sulla scia della scivolata dell’Australia verso il totalitarismo durante la pandemia e della recente approvazione da parte dell’Unione europea del Legge sui servizi digitali, che vieta l'”incitamento all’odio” e la “disinformazione” e rappresenta un passo importante verso la governance mondiale di Internet. In particolare, il quadro dell’UE per le comunicazioni digitali regolerà il discorso in merito a “cambiamenti climatici”, sfide per la salute come il coronavirus e altre “pandemia” e “incitamento all’odio” o altri “discorso illegale” come definito dall’UE. Per soddisfare i requisiti normativi dell’UE e razionalizzare i propri sforzi, i siti di ricerca e le piattaforme di social media molto probabilmente applicheranno semplicemente una serie di regole, quella dell’UE, a tutti i contenuti online.

In breve, che il WEF e i suoi partecipanti siano pianificatori centrali e globalisti incapaci o, ciò che è più probabile, potenti influencer che hanno un impatto su tutto, dalle politiche governative al processo decisionale aziendale, questo gruppo ha l’ardire di suggerire che sono o dovrebbero essere responsabili del mondo. Non importa lasciare le persone sole a perseguire i loro interessi di vita, comprese le loro vite economiche e familiari. Questi pianificatori principali devono intervenire contro tutti i piani individuali, locali, regionali e nazionali. Come notò Ludwig von Mises, tali pianificatori centrali sono sempre autoritari che desiderano sovrascrivere i piani degli individui. Credono di avere indubbiamente ragione, nonostante l’orrenda esperienza dell’interventismo.

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Il World Economic Forum esorta le persone a mangiare alghe, alghe e cactus per salvare il pianeta

I tecnocrati del World Economic Forum stanno esortando le persone ad abbandonare la carne e altri alimenti ritenuti dannosi per il pianeta e invece a consumare “cibi benefici per il clima” come alghe, alghe e cactus.

Il WEF ha fatto l’appello mentre concludeva l’incontro del 2022 degli elitari globali a Davos, in Svizzera.

Un video di sintesi è stato pubblicato su Twitter in cui il WEF ha promosso alternative a un sistema alimentare che ha affermato essere responsabile dei due terzi delle emissioni globali di anidride carbonica.

Un elenco di base pubblicato dall’organizzazione trionfa sulle alghe come “un sostituto ideale della carne” perché ha un “profilo carbon-negativo” ed è ricco di “acidi grassi essenziali e alto contenuto di vitamine e antiossidanti”.

La guida evidenzia anche che i cactus contengono “alte quantità di vitamine C ed E, carotenoidi, fibre e aminoacidi”, sottolineando che sono già comunemente consumati in Messico.

“Questa crisi alimentare è reale e dobbiamo trovare soluzioni”, ha affermato il direttore generale dell’Organizzazione mondiale del commercio Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

A dicembre 2020, il World Economic Forum pubblicato due articoli sul suo sito web che esplorano come le persone potrebbero essere condizionate ad abituarsi all’idea di mangiare erbacce, insetti e bere acqua di scarico al fine di ridurre le emissioni di CO2.

All’inizio di quest’anno, la professoressa della Vanderbilt University Amanda Little discusso che tutti nel mondo hanno bisogno di iniziare a mangiare insetti e che l’approvazione dell’UE ha conferito loro una forma di “dignità” al loro consumo.

A febbraio, la testata giornalistica di proprietà di un miliardario Bloomberg disse Gli americani dovrebbero far fronte all’aumento dell’inflazione mangiando lenticchie invece della carne.

Un gruppo di economisti ambientali anche in Germania richiesto che vengano imposte enormi tasse sui prodotti a base di carne per combattere il cambiamento climatico, con richieste che la carne bovina sia il 56% più costosa.

“Non c’è traccia di ciò che è stato servito esattamente ai 2.500 delegati invitati a cena durante il raduno d’élite a Davos e se le istruzioni dietetiche del WEF siano state seguite o meno dai partecipanti”, scrive Simone Kent.

Se il vertice della Cop26 sui cambiamenti climatici in Scozia lo scorso anno è stato indicativo, alghe e cactus non erano nel menu.

I partecipanti hanno gustato piatti pieni di ingredienti di origine animale che rappresentavano almeno il doppio dell’impronta di carbonio del pasto medio nel Regno Unito.



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Meta annuncia che il World Economic Forum avrà un ruolo di leadership nel metaverso

Il World Economic Forum (WEF) è sulla buona strada per essere al centro della definizione di come sarà il futuro metaverso inserendosi nella creazione del metaverso sin dall’inizio.

L'”iniziativa multistakeholder” del WEF vuole assumere un ruolo di leadership nella definizione e nella costruzione del metaverso, ha annunciato il presidente degli affari globali di Facebook (Meta) e l’ex vice primo ministro britannico Nick Clegg.

L’iniziativa, esposto in un post sul sito web dell’evento di Davos, è ambizioso: cerca di fornire una guida sulla creazione di “un metaverso etico, inclusivo ed economicamente sostenibile” e rappresenta il collegamento tra imprese, autorità di regolamentazione, società civile e mondo accademico sia del settore privato che pubblico.

“The Defining and Building the Metaverse” vuole concentrarsi sulla produzione di principi di governance per esso, ma anche su qualcosa definito come “creazione di valore sociale”. La prima area chiave dell’iniziativa dovrebbe determinare tecnologie e ambienti sicuri, interoperabili e “inclusivi” per il metaverso, mentre non viene spiegato cosa significhi “creazione di valore”.

Il post, tuttavia, afferma che l’iniziativa fornirà informazioni sui rischi e sugli incentivi per le imprese e la società, nonché per gli individui.

E “delineerà anche come le catene del valore potrebbero essere interrotte, le industrie potrebbero essere trasformate, potrebbero essere creati nuovi asset e potrebbero essere protetti i diritti”.

Il WEF sembra voler essere coinvolto nella creazione e, attraverso la governance e la regolamentazione, in definitiva, il controllo del metaverso nelle prime fasi del suo sviluppo. Il post riconosce che il concetto potrebbe andare in diverse direzioni e il WEF vorrebbe indirizzarlo in una particolare, concordata dai partecipanti all’iniziativa.

Attualmente, il loro numero supera i 60, incluso Big Tech. Il post cita dichiarazioni di parti interessate come Clegg per conto di Meta e alti dirigenti di Microsoft, HTC, Sony Interactive, nonché Walmart, CJ Corporation, LEGO Group, Animoca Brands e altri.

Tra le circa 60 parti interessate non ci sono solo giganti e startup tecnologiche e aziendali, ma anche accademici e rappresentanti della società civile, ha affermato il WEF.

Ciò che l’iniziativa promette è di fornire all’industria un toolkit per costruire il metaverso, che è di natura “etica e responsabile”.

Secondo Nick Clegg, il futuro metaverso rappresenterà “una forza per l’inclusione e l’equità”.

E Meta non vuole nemmeno essere ritenuto troppo responsabile.

“Non deve essere modellato da sole aziende tecnologiche. Deve essere sviluppato apertamente con uno spirito di cooperazione tra il settore privato, i legislatori, la società civile, il mondo accademico e le persone che utilizzeranno queste tecnologie”, ha affermato.

Non è chiaro dal documento del WEF, tuttavia, come esattamente le “persone che utilizzeranno queste tecnologie” siano rappresentate come parti interessate.

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Economic Theory Begins with Human Action, Not Data Sets

According to the popular way of thinking, our knowledge of the economy is elusive.

Consequently, the best that we can do is to attempt to ascertain some facts of economic reality by applying various statistical methods on the so-called macro data.

For instance, an economist has a theory that consumers’ outlays on goods and services are determined by personal disposable income and the interest rate. (The personal disposable income and the interest rate according to the economist’ view are the driving variables of consumer outlays).

By means of a statistical method, the economist then converts this view into an equation. The established equation in turn is employed in the assessment of the future direction of consumer outlays. If the equation generates accurate forecasts, then it is regarded as a good tool to ascertain the facts of reality. If it fails to produce accurate forecasts then it no longer helpful in the establishment of the facts of reality. In this case, the theory must be abandoned, or modified. The popularizer of this way of thinking Milton Friedman wrote,

The ultimate goal of a positive science is the development of a theory or hypothesis that yields valid and meaningful (i.e., not truistic) predictions about phenomena not yet observed.

In this way of thinking, as long as the theory “works,” it is regarded as a valid framework as far as the assessment of economic conditions is concerned. According to Friedman, since it is not possible to establish “how things really work,” then it does not really matter what the underlying assumptions of a theory are. (It does not matter whether consumer outlays are driven by disposable income and the interest rate only, or perhaps also by some additional other variables). In fact anything goes, as long as the theory can generate accurate forecasts.

Friedman writes:

The relevant question to ask about the assumptions of a theory is not whether they are descriptively realistic, for they never are, but whether they are sufficiently good approximation for the purpose in hand. And this question can be answered only by seeing whether the theory works, which means whether it yields sufficiently accurate predictions.

Thinkers such as Ludwig von Mises held a different view. As he wrote,

It is vain to search for coefficients of correlation if one does not start from a theoretical insight acquired beforehand.

According to Mises, in order to assess the facts of reality, an economist must employ a theory that is not derived from historical data as such. The theory must “stand on its own feet” independently of the historical data. Given that, individuals have a certain knowledge about themselves; this can assist in ascertaining such a theory. For instance, one can observe that individuals’ are engaged in a variety of activities. They may be performing manual work, driving cars, walking on the street or dining in restaurants. The distinguishing characteristic of these activities is that they are conscious and purposeful.

Using the knowledge that human action is conscious and purposeful, we can establish the meaning of individuals conduct. Thus, manual work may be a means for some people to earn money that in turn enables them to achieve various goals like buying food or clothing. Dining in a restaurant can be a means of establishing business relationships. Driving a car may be a means for reaching a particular destination. Individuals operate within a framework of means and ends; they use various means to secure ends.

The knowledge that individuals pursue purposeful actions implies that causes in the world of economics emanate from human beings and not from outside factors. For instance, contrary to popular thinking, individual’s outlays on goods and services are not caused by income as such. In his own unique context, every individual decides how much of a given income will be used for consumption and how much for investments.

While it is true that individuals’ likely to respond to increases in their incomes, the response is not automatic. Every individual assesses the increase in income against the particular set of goals he wants to achieve. He might decide that it is more beneficial for him to raise his investment in financial assets rather than to raise the consumption of goods and services.

The knowledge that human action is conscious and purposeful is certain and not tentative. Anyone who tries to object to this contradicts himself for he is engaged in a purposeful and conscious action to argue that human actions are not conscious and purposeful.

Applying the Means-End Framework in the World of Economics

Furthermore, the knowledge that individuals’ action is conscious and purposeful implies that it emanates from reality. Various conclusions that are derived from this knowledge of conscious and purposeful conduct are valid as well. According to Murray Rothbard:

Beginning with the certain knowledge of the basic explanatory axiom A, he deduces the implications of A: B, C, and D. From these he deduces further implications, and so on. If he knows that A is true, and if A implies B, C, and D, then he knows with certainty that B, C, and D are true as well.

He adds:

We do not know, and may never know with certainty, the ultimate equation that will explain all electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena; but we do know that people act to achieve goals. And this knowledge is enough to elaborate the body of economic theory.

It also implies that this knowledge could help economists to make sense of observed activities of individuals. For instance, an individual is planning to acquire goods and services in order to fulfil a goal of sustaining his life and well-being. In order to attain the goal, the individual employs money to exchange for the goods and services.

Since money originated from the most marketable commodity, we can also deduce that money is a general medium of exchange. Thus, the individual exchanges goods for money and then exchanges money for goods that he believes will support his life and well-being. We can also infer that the individual exchanges something for something with the help of money.

Consider now the case of a counterfeiter that has generated money out of “thin air.” The counterfeiter secured the money by exchanging nothing for it. He then exchanges the money for goods and services. This means that the counterfeiter has exchanged nothing for something. What we have here that by means of the money out of “thin air” the counterfeiter diverts to himself wealth from wealth generators. Consequently, this weakens wealth generators ability to generate wealth. This in turn undermines the wealth generation process. Furthermore, we can infer from this that any organization or anyone that provides the platform for the engagement in the exchange of nothing for something undermines the wealth generation process.

In addition, we know that a price of a good is the amount of money paid for the good. We also know that for a given quantity of goods an increase in the money supply, all other things being equal, must lead to more money paid for a unit of the good—an increase in the prices of goods.

Hence, without the increase in money supply, all other things being equal, it is not possible to have general increases in prices. We can also infer that increases in the growth rate of money out of “thin air’ give rise to activities that a free unhampered market would not support. Note that as long as the growth rate in the money out of “thin air” is rising, various activities that emerged on the back of the money out of “thin air” could flourish by diverting to themselves wealth from wealth generators.

Once the growth rate of money out of “thin air” declines, various activities that emerged as a result of the previous increase in money out of “thin air” are going to experience hard times. With a decline in the money growth rate, these activities now have less support—less real wealth is diverted to them from wealth generators. What we have here is a boom-bust cycle. Moreover, whenever money is injected, it starts with a particular market before it moves to other markets. There is a time lag. This in turn could provide us with an information about the future events—such as boom-bust cycles and price inflation.

Applying the Means-End Framework to Interest Rates

For most individuals, maintaining their life and well-being is the ultimate goal. We know that to stay alive an individual must consume goods in the present. This means that the individual must prefer the consumption of an identical basket of goods at present rather than in the future. This also means that the individual assigns to the basket of goods in the present a greater importance than to the same basket of goods in the future. An individual that has just enough goods to keep him alive is unlikely to consider investing or lending some of his scarce goods. In this situation, he is expressing an unlimited preference to consuming goods at present versus consuming goods in the future. This means that he has expressed an unlimited time preference. 

As the pool of wealth is starting to increase, the individual is likely to consider investment and lending some of his wealth, all other things being equal. This means that the expanded pool of goods permits the individual to lower his time preference. Alternatively, we can say that the individual has lowered the premium he assigns to the present consumption versus the future consumption. The premium is what interest is all about. Observe, that through changes in interest rates individuals issue signals to businesses regarding their future requirements. An organization such as the central bank, which tampers with these signals, generates havoc in the economy for it causes businesses to disobey individuals’ instructions regarding their future consumption.

Consider a case when various experts are advising the central bank to counter the rising momentum of the prices of goods and services by means of lifting interest rates. We suggest that lifting interest rates is not the right mean to counter the increase in the momentum of prices. We hold that this is going to undermine the well-being of individuals since raising interest rates amounts to tampering with market signals. In order to counter the increase in the prices momentum all that is required is to close the loopholes for the creation of money out of “thin air.” In this regard, a major loophole for the money creation out of “thin air” is the buying of assets by the central bank. Likewise, the lowering of interest rates is not a suitable mean to set in motion an economic growth. What is required is to free the economy and to allow businesses to get on with the task of wealth generation.

Also, note that to stay alive implies that the interest rate must be positive. This emanates from the fact that in order to stay alive individuals must consume at present (i.e., to have a positive time preference). Now, whenever, negative market interest rate is observed, this does not mean that the positive time preference theory is flawed. Most likely the observed contradiction is because of the central bank tampering with financial markets that caused the market interest rate to become negative. Note that this contradiction is resolved by means of a theory that instructs that in order to stay alive the time preference interest rate has to be positive.

Observe again that the final referee here is the theoretical framework and not the observed data. Only by means of a theory, the data can be explained. In this sense, the observed data by itself does not supply the facts of reality. Whenever commentators make comments about the data, they are employing a particular theory to make these comments. Hence, to establish the validity of their comments, a logical examination of the theories employed by commentators is required. Let us say that the central bank is engaging in an expansionary monetary policy. Many commentators consider this as necessary to promote economic growth and lift individuals’ well-being. Careful scrutiny however, is going to reveal that within all other things being equal, an expansionary monetary policy must result in a weakening of the process of wealth generation and the weakening of the economy.


Without a theory that “stands on its own feet,” various mathematical and statistical methods cannot assist an analyst in establishing causes in the world of economics. All that these methods could do is to describe things. To ascertain the underlying causes, one requires a logically worked out theory. By means of such a framework, an analyst could identify the core factor that drives the economic variable of concern. Once the core factor was identified, the analyst should stick to it. Various noncore influences should be assessed with respect to the possible effect these influences have on the core factors.

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Basic Solutions To Our Economic Problems That Establishment Elites Won’t Allow

I think one of the great misconceptions about economic crisis is that solutions are always dependent on centralized government action.

In truth, most financial disasters are actually caused by too much government action and involvement.

Central banks like the Federal Reserve are also primary culprits; as I outlined in last week’s article their machinations, which are independent of government oversight, fall into the category of deliberate sabotage. The Fed bankrolls corruption through fiat money creation while government officials and corporations utilize that money to wreak havoc on our living standards.

Ending the Fed would solve the fiat money problem, but there’s still a host of agenda-driven politicians and bureaucrats to deal with before our nation can right the ship.

One clear way to fix our system would be to first force government to interfere less. As a point of reference, consider the common media narratives surrounding the covid pandemic. Along with the White House the media has been the premier driver of irrational fear over the spread of covid, which ended up being a minor threat compared to the hype as the average Infection Fatality Rate was no more that 0.27%. Yet, in response to a virus that was a mortal danger to less than one-thrid of 1% of the population, bureaucrats declared a national emergency requiring insane and unconstitutional lockdowns.

The lockdowns damaged the economy in ways people are only now beginning to comprehend, with hundred of thousands of small businesses lost across the country. Not only that, but the establishment responded to the economic implosion they created by printing over $6 trillion in new money through the Fed in 2020 alone. This helicopter money or beta test for UBI (Universal Basic Income) has expedited a stagflationary disaster and helped to push prices on necessities to 40 year highs (the official number).

The media claims it is “covid that is causing the crash,” but this is a lie. It was the RESPONSE to covid that is causing the crash. The virus was incidental to the economic sabotage initiated by governments and central banks. As we saw in conservative red states that defied the lockdowns and the vax mandates, economic activity thrived while leftists blue states suffered. And what did these blue states get in return for their economic sacrifices? Nothing. Covid infections continued to rage in blue states and deaths often outpaced red states with similar sized populations.

In other words, the lockdowns, the mask mandates and the attempts force vaccinations through medical tyranny saved ZERO lives and possibly made things worse. This is the legacy of government micro-management (And yes, let’s not forget that Trump went along with these lockdowns in the beginning of the pandemic also. Biden is just the dirt-bag that continued the measures despite the massive amount of evidence that they don’t work).

While the covid event illustrates my point in a big way, there are a lot of deeply rooted problems that government intervention has caused that add up to one big fiscal calamity. Many of these threats require a basic but sweeping return to fundamentals that government elites will rarely address and will try to stop at all costs. Here are just a few examples…

Inflation And Stagflation? Back The Dollar With Hard Commodities

The federal reserve and their minions have spent the better part of a century trying to convince the public that a gold standard for our currency is what caused the Great Depression and what could cause future depressions. They claim that limitations on money printing strangle liquidity and disrupt velocity. This is a lie.

Former fed chairman Ben Bernanke openly admitted in 2002 in a speech in honor of Milton Friedman that it was the CENTRAL BANK that actually caused the deflationary collapse of the 1930s, not the existence of the gold standard. This rare moment of truth from a fed official was perhaps due to the sheer amount of evidence that Friedman often cited that contradicted the original anti-gold propaganda. Or maybe it happened because the banking elites did not see Friedman as a particular threat, and figured no one among the public would read Bernanke’s speech anyway.

In fact, a commodities foundation held the American economy together for centuries until the Fed came along and the government slowly began removing gold from the picture. All subsequent economic crisis events have been exponentially worse ever since. When a commodities standard is employed, stability always follows. Just look at what has happened in Russia recently; their currency was on a downward spiral due to international sanctions, yet, when they reopened markets this past week the Ruble skyrocketed back to normal. Why? Because Putin had the currency coupled to gold. It’s really that simple.

The US and parts of Europe are facing their own inflationary disasters and this is largely due to the unchecked avarice of central bank stimulus and government spending. The ONLY way to secure the dollar’s existence as a stable store of wealth would be to back it with hard commodities like precious metals (among others). This might kill the dollar’s world reserve status because fiat printing would be impossible from that point on, but I got a news flash for those that hate the idea of grounding the dollar in commodities: We’re going to lose world reserve status anyway, and it’s going to happen soon.

One third of the world’s population including Russia, China and India are already breaking from the dollar in bilateral trade. The US might as well accept this is the reality and prepare to mitigate the coming currency collapse by supporting the dollar with commodities.

Oil Shortages And Energy Inflation? Stop Interfering With Oil Exploration

In early February of this year the Biden Administration made legal filings which halted new oil and gas leases including exploration due to conflicts over “climate costs.” This interference with America’s oil independence is only one of many instances starting with Biden’s sabotage of the Keystone Pipeline in 2021. Interestingly, with gas prices doubling ever since Biden entered office, the White House now claims that they have nothing to do with energy inflation and are not preventing drilling in the US.

During the same period Russia was establishing a decades long oil and gas contract with China and laying the groundwork for a major pipeline to be finished by 2025. And yes, China DOES in fact have the capacity along with India to absorb most of the oil and gas that might be shunned by Europe should they follow through with energy sanctions. Russia was planning ahead while the US was shifting from energy independence and net exporter status to once again becoming dependent on authoritarian regimes in the Arab world. Why?

Biden’s excuse is usually climate alarmism. The Earth’s temperature has only risen by ONE DEGREE CELSIUS in the past 100 years according to the NOAA, so the main argument against oil production in the US is based on the fallacy that man-made carbon has any bearing whatsoever on climate changes. But maybe the carbon fraud is just a distraction from something else?

To fix any supply and demand issues in the US, we only need to start producing once again at levels which were easily obtainable in 2020. But what if the issue of supply contraction is not the main cause of oil inflation? I would note that the dollar is not only the world reserve currency but also the global petro-currency. Until recently, almost all oil was traded internationally using dollars. The decline or collapse of the dollar’s buying power due to money printing and runaway inflation is more likely the direct cause of rising oil prices, and supply issues are secondary.

If the dollar was about to collapse due to inflation, oil would be one of the first early warning indicators. With the establishment blocking new oil production and hindering the most cost effective method for oil transport (pipelines), an engineered decline in supply becomes a very effective smokescreen for the death of the dollar. The crisis caused by the government and the Federal Reserve’s currency destruction could then be blamed on supply chain issues and climate “peril.” This is the reason why the establishment will not allow any future growth in US oil production. They cannot allow the public to realize the precarious position our currency is in.

Supply Chain Interdependency Leading To Shortages? Bring Back Manufacturing

There are a lot of reasons why manufacturing has left the US, from greedy and corrupt labor unions driving up wages to higher taxes and land costs to extremely cheap shipping from overseas exporters. There is also the theory that US factories were outsourced to places like China in order to deliberately force the public into a global interdependency scheme. In other words were are stuck with the supply chain we have, not because it’s the best system, but because the globalists want it that way.

It’s unlikely that the federal government and the elitist establishment would ever allow real manufacturing to come back to the US in a way that would make us more self sufficient. As long as our country relies on outsourced goods and raw materials from other nations we remain beholden to the global chain for our survival. Being completely independent might be impossible, but we could be producing far more domestically than we are today.

State governments could create incentives to manufacture within their borders by removing property taxes, reducing state taxes and protecting businesses from certain federal obstructions such as carbon restrictions. As long as those companies do not support anti-freedom initiatives with the money they make, they should be aided so that real jobs and real production make a comeback in the US.

I would also note that if states want to survive the coming financial crisis that is about to strike, they are going to have to start ignoring federal restrictions on land use and the production of raw materials (like oil or coal). Some environmental rules are good, but some are pointless and are only designed to control rather than protect. States will have to stand in defiance of these rules if anything is going to change for the better.

Debt And Liquidity Crisis? Let States Establish Their Own Banks And Currencies

The state of North Dakota has an interesting model for economic independence, which utilizes a state sponsored bank designed specifically to help businesses in ND. I would say it’s bizarre that this idea has not become popular across the nation, but I understand that if it did the federal government and the central bankers would be very unhappy.

Here’s the thing, while it is true that the constitution explicitly states that the US Treasury be the only issuer of US currency, this was done at a time when our currency was backed by gold and silver and there was no corrupt middleman in the form of a central bank. In truth, the Treasury is now second fiddle to the Federal Reserve, and the constitutional regulations on money have already been broken. It’s time for a new currency model and new banking model.

An official bank in each state could decentralize power away from the Federal Reserve in terms of how debt and interest rates are handled, creating something closer to free market discovery of interest rates rather than a rate dictatorship control by the Fed. By extension, each state could also issue currency scrip legal for use only within the borders of those states. This would create a secondary safety net against inflation in the dollar.

In other words, we decentralize the banking system and we offer state alternatives which function not so much as competing currencies but as parallel or complementary currencies backed by and exchangeable in certain commodities. I believe very strongly that this model (along with a couple dozen other measures I don’t have space to cover here) could save our country from decades of economic mismanagement and bring us back from the brink of inflation and debt catastrophe.

States could do this without the permission of the federal government or the Federal Reserve, but I have little doubt that the elites would be in an uproar. Make no mistake, states will have to move to decouple from the national financial system and build alternatives as soon as they realize that the dollar is tanking and stagflation is here to stay. And when they do, the establishment will declare such actions on par with “insurrection.”

In the meantime, there are numerous preparations each individual can make in their local communities to insulate themselves from economic dangers. There are those that will say that local measures are only a stop gap and more national action needs to be taken. They are partially correct; in the long run there needs to be wider organization towards free markets once again, along with redundancies in state economies. In the short term we must do what we can.

Ultimately, the most clear solutions to our fiscal fate are not pursued because the elites do NOT WANT to save the economy, at least not in a way that ends up with them having less power. They want even more power and centralization that extends beyond national boundaries into the realm of global management. Fixing the system can’t happen because they won’t let it happen.

This means that the fix that will save us in the long run will be the one that allows all others to progress; and that fix is to remove these people from positions of influence and authority. You can’t really repair the body in the wake of an illness until the offending disease is eliminated. For now, all we can do is keep the country on life support until a cure is applied.


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Il dottor Malone scompone l’agenda globalista del World Economic Forum

Il dottor Robert Malone, scienziato e inventore della tecnologia mRNA utilizzata nelle iniezioni di COVID, sta lanciando l’allarme sul piano del World Economic Forum (WEF) per il “fascismo globale”.

In un’intervista di giovedì a Notizie ribelli, Il dottor Malone ha espresso il suo sostegno al Canadian Trucker Convoy e ha spiegato come quel movimento stia minando il “totalitarismo pesante” del Great Reset del WEF.

“Per me, è l’enfasi dei camionisti sull’autonomia medica”, ha detto Malone. “La scienza è dalla parte dei camionisti canadesi e statunitensi”.

“Quello che viene fuori dall’altra parte dipende davvero dal fatto che le persone apprezzino l’autonomia personale, e dipende se sono disposte a farsi avanti e combattere per questo – o se sono d’accordo a diventare servi in ​​una situazione tecno-fascista in cui il l’elite finanziaria globale controlla tutto ciò che fai? È questo il mondo in cui vuoi vivere? È questo il mondo in cui vuoi che vivano i tuoi figli? Perché è questo che c’è in gioco qui”.

Malone ha evidenziato come il modello Great Reset del WEF sia essenzialmente una forma sofisticata di fascismo aziendale delineato per la prima volta dal dittatore italiano della seconda guerra mondiale Benito Mussolini.

“C’è una citazione che viene attribuita a Benito Mussolini riguardo a questa logica di partenariato pubblico-privato e di fusione tra corporatus e Stato: lo chiama fascismo”, ha spiegato Malone.

“L’ideatore del fascismo ha affermato esplicitamente la stessa logica: che dovrebbe esserci un’alleanza, una partnership – una fusione – tra gli interessi dello stato e il governo globale”.

“In realtà ha suggerito che un termine migliore del fascismo è Corporativismo; questo è ciò che il World Economic Forum tenta di portare avanti è un fascismo globale – un corporativismo globale – non lo nascondono. Usano parole diverse, ma sono piuttosto preso dal cercare di usare parole semplici, che le persone capiscano e non nascondere le cose dietro parole fantasiose”, ha aggiunto.

Il fondatore del WEF Klaus Schwab di recente ha parlato al Global Government Summit per promuovere il Great Resetinsistendo sul fatto che la “crisi COVID” è il vettore perfetto per trasformare completamente energia, cibo e sistemi di filiera in quella che lui chiama la “Quarta rivoluzione industriale”.

Il senatore australiano lancia le bombe della verità di Klaus Schwab / WEF in parlamento

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Il World Economic Forum promuove il sistema di identificazione digitale che determinerà l’accesso ai servizi

Il World Economic Forum (WEF), un’organizzazione internazionale che lavora per “dare forma alle agende globali, regionali e del settore”, ha recentemente pubblicato la sua ultima proposta distopica: un sistema di identificazione digitale di vasta portata che raccoglierà quanti più dati possibili sugli individui e poi utilizzare questi dati per determinare il livello di accesso ai vari servizi.

Questa proposta di identificazione digitale è delineata in a rapporto intitolato “Advancing Digital Agency: The Power of Data Intermediaries” e si basa su a quadro di identificazione digitale che il WEF ha pubblicato in precedenza.

In questo quadro, il WEF propone di raccogliere dati da molti aspetti della “vita quotidiana” delle persone attraverso i loro dispositivi, reti di telecomunicazioni e fornitori di servizi di terze parti.

Il WEF suggerisce che questa rete di raccolta dati consentirebbe a un ID digitale di raccogliere dati sul comportamento online delle persone, la cronologia degli acquisti, l’utilizzo della rete, la storia creditizia, i dati biometrici, i nomi, i numeri di identità nazionali, la storia medica, la cronologia dei viaggi, gli account sociali, e- conti governativi, conti bancari, consumo energetico, statistiche sanitarie, istruzione e altro ancora.

Una volta che l’ID digitale ha accesso a questo enorme set di dati altamente personali, il WEF propone di utilizzarlo per decidere se gli utenti possono “possedere e utilizzare dispositivi”, “aprire conti bancari”, “effettuare transazioni finanziarie online”, “condurre transazioni commerciali”, “accedere a assicurazioni, cure”, “prenotare viaggi”, “passare attraverso il controllo delle frontiere tra paesi o regioni”, “accedere a servizi di terze parti che si basano sugli accessi ai social media”, “presentare tasse, votare, riscuotere vantaggi, ” e altro ancora.

In questo rapporto Advancing Digital Agency: The Power of Data Intermediaries, il WEF posiziona questo quadro di identificazione digitale come parte della soluzione a un “divario di fiducia nella condivisione dei dati” e osserva che i passaporti per i vaccini, che sono stati obbligatori in tutto il mondo durante il COVID -19 pandemia, “per natura servono come una forma di identità digitale”.

Il WEF elogia anche il modo in cui i passaporti per i vaccini hanno consentito ai governi di raccogliere dati dalle loro popolazioni senza “preavviso e consenso”:

“A livello collettivo, i dati sui vaccini sono un’incredibile risorsa per la salute pubblica. Il governo del Regno Unito, in particolare, lo ha riconosciuto e ha suggerito che le tecniche di anonimizzazione, pseudonimizzazione e protezione dei dati potrebbero essere sfruttate in un ambiente controllato per consentire il riutilizzo di tali dati altamente sensibili. In tali casi, per il riutilizzo dei dati non è richiesta la comunicazione e il consenso di per sé, ma i trattamenti intermedi a cui sono sottoposti i dati devono essere effettuati in un ambiente controllato in modo che i risultati del set di dati siano resi disponibili piuttosto che i dati stessi.

Inoltre, il WEF fornisce un esempio specifico di come gli ID digitali potrebbero essere utilizzati per autenticare un utente (mediante impronte digitali, password o tecnologia di verifica dell’identità) e decidere se concedergli l’accesso a un prestito bancario giudicando il suo profilo (che possono includere i loro dati biometrici, nome e numero di identità nazionale) e la storia (che può includere la loro storia di credito, medica e acquisti online).

Il WEF prosegue suggerendo che gli ID digitali “consentiranno la selezione delle preferenze e il compimento di determinate scelte in anticipo” e alla fine apriranno la strada al “processo decisionale automatizzato” in cui un “assistente digitale affidabile” “automatizza i permessi per le persone e gestisce efficacemente i propri dati attraverso diversi servizi” per “superare i limiti di avviso e consenso”.

Questa spinta per un sistema di identificazione digitale invasivo da parte del WEF segue la proposta di altri sistemi di sorveglianza simili come trasformando il tuo battito cardiaco in un ID digitale. Durante tutta la pandemia, il WEF ha costantemente sostenuto passaporti vaccinali e ID digitale.

Al di là di queste proposte specifiche, il WEF è famoso per le sue agende globaliste e transumanistiche come la “Ottimo ripristino” (che propone che le persone “non possederanno nulla” e “saranno felici”) e il “Quarta rivoluzione industriale” (che, secondo il fondatore e presidente del WEF Klaus Schwab, porterà a “una fusione delle nostre identità fisiche, digitali e biologiche”).

Governi e società private stanno adottando sempre più gli ID digitali. Anche alcuni governi stanno spingendo un’idea simile: app in stile credito sociale che monitorano il comportamento dei cittadini e li premiano per aver intrapreso azioni approvate dallo stato.

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World Economic Forum Wargames Come spingere ID digitale, passaporti per vaccini

Un nuovo documento del World Economic Forum (WEF) delinea come presentare alla popolazione mondiale un sistema di identificazione digitale basato su una tecnologia che un giorno sarà “incorporata nella pelle”.

Il documento di 46 pagine intitolato “Advancing Digital Agency: il potere degli intermediari di dati” afferma che, poiché un ID digitale verrà utilizzato per l’autenticazione praticamente in ogni aspetto della tua vita, dai servizi finanziari ai viaggi e al commercio, la tecnologia potrebbe “migliorare la protezione della privacy” e “ridurre l’aumento delle frodi di identità”.

Ma se si scava più a fondo, il documento prosegue spiegando come un ID digitale non verrà utilizzato solo per l’autenticazione, ma anche per registrare attributi biometrici, storie di credito e mediche, comportamenti online e di acquisto e persino per controllare la possibilità di viaggiare .

Il WEF cita il ampiamente impopolare passaporto per il vaccino come “forma di identificazione digitale” che l’organismo globalista definisce “un’incredibile risorsa per la salute pubblica” che “verifica” le tue informazioni sanitarie private.

Tali passaporti vaccinali vengono utilizzati quando si viaggia tra giurisdizioni ea livello locale, ad esempio quando si entra in ristoranti o altri luoghi in cui è necessaria la prova dello stato di vaccinazione. È importante sottolineare che questi intermediari forniscono un mezzo per verificare lo stato senza condividere i dati sanitari con lo stabilimento di per sé, in una sorta di scenario a prova di conoscenza zero in cui l’intermediario dei dati di fiducia verifica che l’interessato sia vaccinato ma non condivide altre informazioni. Ciò evita effetti secondari indesiderati dell’istituzione che condivide ulteriormente i dati.

Come abbiamo riportato, l’ID digitale è una componente chiave del WEF Ottimo ripristino agenda, che mira a trasformare l’economia e le istituzioni mondiali in un Nuovo Ordine Mondiale comunista globale, dove la proprietà privata e l’impresa del libero mercato non esistono più.

Un altro aspetto dell’ID digitale e del Great Reset, secondo per il fondatore e transumanista del WEF Klaus Schwab, è unire i mondi fisico, digitale e biologico per cambiare radicalmente “cosa significa essere umani”.

Leggi il documento completo del WEF:

Twitter: @WhiteIsTheFury

Gab: @WhiteIsTheFury

Menti: @WhiteIsTheFury

Gettr: @WhiteIsTheFury

Le ruote stanno venendo fuori dalla tirannia globalista

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Il video “Insane Pro-CRT Propaganda” del World Economic Forum attira un forte rimprovero

Il World Economic Forum (WEF) è stato preso di mira per un video che inizialmente appare come una spiegazione neutrale sulla Critical Race Theory (CRT), solo per trasformarsi rapidamente in un’approvazione a pieno titolo dell’ideologia.

CRT accusa un intero gruppo demografico di un crimine collettivo, usa l’accusa come motivo per incastrare gli individui all’interno di quel gruppo demografico di autori di quel crimine, e quindi cerca di privare gli individui condannati dei diritti, della dignità e dell’eguale protezione sulla base di tale accusa (h/t).

Il video del WEF definisce CRT come una teoria “sviluppata per la prima volta da studiosi legali statunitensi negli anni ’80” che “sostiene che le leggi, le regole e i regolamenti che governano la società odierna sono stati modellati dalla subordinazione storica delle persone di colore e che questo è un forza trainante dietro la disuguaglianza razziale oggi”, secondo Breitbart.

Come esempio del presunto razzismo insito in ogni fibra delle istituzioni americane, il WEF indica l’alto numero di maschi neri incarcerati in tutto il paese.

“Prendete il sistema di giustizia penale statunitense, per esempio”, dice. “Mentre tutti sono visti come uguali ai sensi della legge, i neri americani vengono imprigionati a 5 volte il tasso dei bianchi.

“CRT afferma che questa disparità è un’eredità del passato razzista americano”, ma gli oppositori affermano che “dipinge tutti i bianchi come bigotti”.

Il video quindi posiziona la consapevolezza del CRT come una ricerca onorevole. Guarda quale avversario Chris Rufo descritto come un “video di propaganda folle pro-CRT”.

Anche altri hanno condannato il WEF (tramite Breitbart):

“Ah sì, il forum economico mondiale che promuove un allontanamento radicale dagli attuali rapporti di potere”, ha scrittovideo saggista e autore Peter Coffin.

Questo PROVES CRT è la rivoluzione. Ho sbagliato tutto questo tempo!” ha deriso.

“Scappate dalle persone della classe operaia del WEF”, ha avvertito il dottor Jordan Peterson, psicologo clinico e professore di psicologia.

“Perché il World Economic Forum dovrebbe uscire a sostegno della Critical Race Theory?” ha chiesto l’autore e matematico Dr. James Lindsay, che messo in guardia il mese scorso gli attivisti della CRT mirano a smantellare gli Stati Uniti e stabilire “una dittatura totale” dei cosiddetti “antirazzisti”.

“Perché sono loro che vogliono dividere la nostra società con questa teoria marxista o qualsiasi altro strumento che possono usare per rompere il mondo e prendere il potere”, ha detto.

Il consigliere per la sicurezza nazionale del senatore Ted Cruz (R-TX) ha twittato “Non posso credere che tu stia sostenendo l'”uguaglianza” a scapito dell’equità” nel 2022. “O sei d’accordo o non lo sei. Essere migliore.”

Leggi il resto dei commenti qui.

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Il World Economic Forum afferma che il cambiamento climatico è la più grande minaccia globale nel 2022

Il World Economic Forum (WEF) ha dichiarato lunedì che la “crisi climatica” rappresenta la più grande minaccia per l’umanità nel 2022.

Oltre al cambiamento climatico, la 17a edizione del WEF del suo Rapporto sui rischi globali 2022 elencato la divisione sociale, le vulnerabilità della sicurezza informatica e la ripresa dalla pandemia come i principali rischi globali a lungo termine.

“La crisi climatica rimane la più grande minaccia a lungo termine per l’umanità”, ha affermato Peter Giger, Group Chief Risk Officer di Zurich Insurance Group, in un messaggio di accompagnamento dichiarazione.

“La mancata azione sui cambiamenti climatici potrebbe ridurre di un sesto il PIL globale e gli impegni presi alla COP26 non sono ancora sufficienti per raggiungere l’obiettivo di 1,5 gradi centigradi. Non è troppo tardi per i governi e le imprese per agire sui rischi che corrono e per guidare una transizione innovativa, determinata e inclusiva che protegga le economie e le persone”.

Il rapporto di 117 pagine chiede alle “tecnologie della quarta rivoluzione industriale” del WEF di “catalizzare una nuova economia e società” e “accelerare l’azione per il clima”.

Il rapporto analizza i risultati del suo Global Risks Perception Survey (GRPS), in cui gli intervistati hanno elencato “fallimento dell’azione per il clima”, “tempo estremo” e “perdita di biodiversità” come le principali preoccupazioni a breve, medio e lungo termine.

Lo sforzo del WEF di rappresentare il cambiamento climatico come la più grande minaccia per l’umanità si integra con il suo programma Great Reset, che cerca di deindustrializzare l’Occidente in nome della riduzione della produzione di carbonio.

“Blocchi climatici” sono già stati proposti dai media mainstream, sostenendo che dovranno essere imposti ai cittadini ogni due anni per salvare il pianeta.

In effetti, l’India – un Paese di 1,3 miliardi di persone – è addirittura iniziata preparare i “blocchi climatici” per “ridurre l’inquinamento” anche mentre i media demonizzano coloro che lo indicano come “teorici della cospirazione”.

Leggi il WEF Global Risks Report 2022:

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La verità sulla “Green Economy”

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Il World Economic Forum svela il passaporto COVID che utilizza i marcatori di analisi del sangue per determinare lo stato di vaccinazione

Il cosiddetto COVIDPass del World Economic Forum (WEF) utilizzerà marcatori di analisi del sangue per determinare se una persona ha preso o meno l’iniezione di COVID.

Il passaporto del WEF COVID proposta si basa su un campione di sangue – non documentazione fornita da un medico – legato a un codice QR per dimostrare che sei stato vaccinato.

“Gli utenti verranno sottoposti a screening del sangue presso un laboratorio COVIDPass approvato prima di ricevere un codice di visto sanitario QR sicuro tramite il telefono, che possono presentare ai check-in delle compagnie aeree, alle frontiere o agli ingressi degli eventi”, afferma il video promozionale del WEF.

Il video continua insistendo sul fatto che il suo COVIDPass non utilizza la “tecnologia di tracciamento” e che l’utilizzo dei dati degli esami del sangue è “affidabile al 100%” nel garantire che “solo le persone non infette” possano viaggiare attraverso i confini.

Ma perché dovrebbe farlo, se utilizza i marcatori del vaccino nel sangue di una persona per determinare lo stato di vaccinazione?

Il WEF non è riuscito a elaborare esattamente quale sostanza nel sangue di un individuo potrebbe indicare il suo stato di vaccinazione.

“La proposta del WEF si basa su un campione di sangue, o un esame del sangue, per dimostrare che sei stato vaccinato. L’unico modo possibile è se il vaccino stesso trasporta una qualche forma di marcatore che rimane permanentemente (a livello cellulare) nel tuo corpo che può quindi essere rilevato in un esame del sangue “, The Conservative Treehouse segnalato.

“Se il vaccino non lascia un marcatore o un’impronta identificabile nel sangue, non sarebbe possibile un esame del sangue per lo stato di vaccinazione”.

Il promo del WEF inoltre non menziona che se uno si rifiuta di ottenere un passaporto Covid, la propria vita sarà effettivamente tagliata fuori dalla società.

Ad agosto, il WEF aveva anche adottato un metodo di sorveglianza biometrica che avrebbe rilevare la firma unica del battito cardiaco di un individuo per tracciare e tracciare i loro movimenti in nome della salute pubblica.

Benvenuti al Grande Reset.

Owen Shroyer ospite ospita The Alex Jones Show per abbattere la realtà infernale di forzata passaporti vaccini come descritto da una coppia lituana che vive sotto la legge medico-marziale.

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